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The term "sex work" was coined by long time prostitutes' rights activist Carol Leigh as a way to designate all those who work in the adult industry.

What sex workers all have in common is that they derive their income from adult- oriented work, some of it legal and some of it not.

In theory, one could imagine that meaning black-out drunk or visibly not in control of one’s actions. (Perhaps body cameras for college students are the answer? “I definitely have been studying it and looking at it,” she said.

As you can see in this leaked video, Emma Stone takes to her webcam to unapologetically confess her numerous crimes against morality.

The video then cuts to the scene in “Easy A” in which Emma and her male co-star reminisce about the hot sex they had one night at a friend’s house.

These activities may have different names in countries other than the US, but the work itself is generally similar or the same, although working conditions of course vary from state to state and country to country.

If there are any types of sex workers who have been left off this list, and if there are different names for sex workers which are not noted here, please email us with the information and we will be happy to add it to the list.


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