Bothering or intimidating weaker people

There can be no hesitation in using the gun over being scared of it. Keep the experience fun, not an exercise in "get tough enough to handle a gun."Then you can start working up to a few rounds with a bit more recoil until she is ready for a low recoil home defence round. In addition to being easier on you during training, they have other properties that are good for HD: usually good penetration, tight patterns, fast follow up shots.

Make sure you do not leave the birdshot in the gun. As to which brand: try the various low recoil 00 buck shot rounds available and pick the one that patterns the best with your gun. I keep Remington #1 (sadly not available in low recoil) or Managed Recoil 00 for HD depending on the layout of the house I am in at the time. If she's petite, the gun size and weight may be an issue.

Your other ammo choices will work ok but I prefer maximum knock down and damage in HD. Small shooters with a full-sized gun tend to lean back to balance, which makes the felt recoil much worse. If she can't even come close to a strong stance, she may need something smaller to shoot comfortably.

After all, if I must fire on a person, I don't want to injure them or hurt them. The Hornady TAP you listed is not a low recoil round.

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The cardinal violation in trying to be a cool cyclist is when you buy a full professional team kit (jersey, shorts, socks, etc.) of a team you do not ride for.Hi all, A few weeks ago I posted a few questions while I tried to decide on a 12ga shotgun to buy. Does anyone have an absolute favorite regardless of whether you're looking for birdshot, buckshot, slugs? Birdshot: Winchester Win Lite00 Buckshot: Remington Managed Recoil Slugs: Federal Vital-Shok Low Recoil Home Defense: Winchester Win Lite Federal Low Recoil Hornady TAP My shoulder is fine, shooting birdshot/buckshot with my 12 gauge shotgun doesn't bother me.I ended up going with a Mossberg 500 and I love it! As I mentioned in the post above, the low recoil rounds are for my girlfriend - who's petite, and already scared of the gun just by looking at it. However be aware that you've listed win lite as an option. My wife shoots skeet with me and I have no doubt in my mind that she could handle the gun in a home defense situation. We run mock breakins with my airsoft guns (with the real guns all locked up and checked for safety).You don’t want to go out of your way to make a scene or draw negative attention to yourself, but you can work to have a confident appearance that keeps you from looking like an easy target.You can look scary in a rough neighborhood by wearing old clothes, keeping good posture with your head up, walking with a confident stride, being alert to your surroundings, and being a little unpredictable. Robert Spalding III offered a response to my earlier article “Ground the Air Force.” I’d like to thank Col.


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