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It is by close attention to the letter-press, and by observing the frequent appearance of names which have age-long association with houses of entertainment, that the student of this map awakens to the conviction that ancient Southwark rejoiced in a more than generous provision of inns. Southwark is really the south-work of London, that is, the southern defence or fortification of the city.

Such was the case from the earliest period of which there is any record. The Thames is here a moat of spacious breadth and formidable depth, yet the Romans did not trust to that defence alone, but threw up further obstacles for any enemy approaching the city from the south.

The high frequency and intensity of e-mail communication prior to meeting in person cultivated acceleration of intimacy for the individuals involved and may have affected women’s decisions to engage in risky sexual behaviors.

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Who’s getting busy (and how often), what we are (and are not) willing to tell our partners and whether marriage is forever anymore.40 percent of women have sex at least once a week.

In the great majority of cases those visitors who had business in the city itself during the day elected to make their headquarters for the night on the southern shore of the Thames.

The single women who were trying to imagine any kind of dating life, were struggling.

How do you put yourself out there, what do you have to offer?

I suspect it might be lumped in with a pile of side effects like mouth sores, nausea and fatigue — part of a list. I had a large tumour in the wall of my vagina — yes that sex place But no one was talking about that, least of all me. When its dust settles (only to be kicked up again, and again) for those of us lucky enough to have it settle at all, we, our loved ones and our potential future loved ones, are left with the shocking, burnt, shrunken, dry, scary, messy, numb, unresponsive, confusing remnants to gather and make something out of. The icky details are different across the many forms of cancer and treatments. She was part of a small study on sex and sexuality in women with gynaecological cancers, that aimed to examine whether talking about it with others, helped.

She said it was only looking back on the experience that she realized the value. It also made her feel grateful to be in a loving long-term relationship.


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