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date_req1=01/07/2001&date_req2=13/07/2001 c , - . date_req1=01/07/2001&date_req2=13/07/2001 Example 6 date_req1 - date_req2 = Date range Example 9 " " - " buy/sell overnight " date_req1 - date_req2 = Date range date_req1=01/06/2001&date_req2=05/06/2001 Example 4 date_req1 - date_req2 = Date range date_req1=02/03/2001&date_req2=14/03/2001&VAL_NM_RQ=R01235 date_req1 - date_req2 = Date range VAL_NM_RQ - unique code (you can get this code from Example 1) Example 3 date_req1 - date_req2 = Date range Run As Date is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify.Please don't bother yourself to send me a question about extending the trial period of a software, because these kind of messages are simply deleted without answering.

# Full backups are made on the 1st day of each month or with the 'full' option. # # USAGE: [full] # # get day of the month DATE=`date %d` # Set protocol (use scp for sftp and ftp for FTP, see manpage for more) BPROTO=scp # set user and hostname of backup account BUSER='u10000' BHOST='' # Setting the password for the Backup account that the # backup files will be transferred to. Pro software platform you can setup a social site according to your vision, with your design, your content and your features. Over 150,000 web-masters collaborate and help each other grow. With thouthands of extensions, integrations, templates and language packs available at Boon Ex Market anything is possible.I have never said implicitly or explicitly that Run As Date can be used for extending the trial period of a software.For some shareware programs, Run As Date might really work, but many shareware creators are smart enough to detect that the date/time was modified and when they detect the time change, they end the trial period immediately.That means, after checking an property-item pair, which transfers the inputs to the Wikidata datasource, you can go to the next item and what you typed into the storage system is still there and can be used again.


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