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I have been given the job to update a powerpoint which has about 100 charts in it that link to a single (very large) excel spreadsheet. I took screen shots of the edit links box after I ran the macro to show you what I am seeing. I do it by going to excel, clicking on the chart, copying, then pasting it into the powerpoint slide. Screenshot: Edit Yours is showing Type: Excel Worksheet Without being able to get it to show me the same thing it's tricky to develop somethign to fix it.

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This is often useful for visualizing things like financial data where revenue can be shown as bars that shift upward vertically and expenses can be shown as bars that shift downward by contrast.Every table and chart which appears in the Report tree contains an invisible code.When charts and tables are exported form Q to Power Point this invisible code is hidden in the exported objects. I tried your code and while it updates the source file it does not capture the cell references leaving the code useless in the specified case. [workbook.xls]Graphs Chart 3) and the formula does not change the second occurrence of the workbook name in brackets. Source Full Name is blank Can you it in yours and let us know what the msgbox shows please? Auto Update = pp Update Option Manual End With End If End With Hello wilsoff... Source Full Name then it only shows me the first reference to the xlsx, with no square brackets or repeated xlsx filename If I add the same message box to your code it suggests the .The only way I can get the update link function to work is to rename the latest version of the excel spreadsheet as its old name and put in the old file location before I open the powerpoint. I ran into a similar problem and this is the best I could come up with. You have to use the entire with block below for every chart. Auto Update = pp Update Option Manual End With End If End With End Sub Example... paste link using Excel 2003 so that might be where the disconnect lies.


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