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It’s been quite some time since the songstress graced the airwaves with her melodic sounds, even though she’s been taking beauty to the streets and kicking up a storm with her music in Japan.

But in case you missed the memo, Grammy Award-winning singer Mýa, is back in action with her new LP cooks up a few techno and upbeat bangers with singles such as “Somebody Come Get This Bitch” and “Earthquake” featuring Trina finishing off with a few love songs and motivating hits exuding Mýa’s effortless and angelic sound. Recently, Mýa revealed that we are in-sync besides our shared Libra sign, with a common love for Dolce & Gabbana and Giuseppe Zanotti designs which we love to step out on the town flaunting.

I borrowed this book from the library years ago in the early 2000s. It was an adult fantasy novel and definitely not something you would recommend for kids as it contained violence, sexual assault, etc.

The only real magical element was a red jewel that allowed characters to see into the minds of other people or animals.

At one point during the novel, the main male character uses the jewel to see into the mind of an animal and discovers that it's sentient.

In addition to becoming FHM’s “oldest” cover star (see: above), Lady C has also catapulted herself back to the top of the dance charts with new music, including the hit single “Werq.” Armed with the stage presence of an old pro, undeniable sex appeal and years of support from “The Artist Formerly Known As…,” fans will finally see that Carmen’s talent is more than skin deep.

Keep reading to see what it’s really like working alongside Prince and tips for owning your confidence.


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