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Info Stream was founded by an MIT grad, and its websites including Whats Your and Seeking have gotten a lot of press for unapologetically connecting "sugar daddies," or wealthy men, with "sugar babies," or younger women.

Between 20, the company advertised on Sirius XM channels including MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and Howard Stern, but the relationship ended when Sirius revised its Standards and Practices policy. According to Info Stream's complaint (read here), Sirius XM has breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing by applying its Standards and Practices in a "dishonest and unfair manner, singling out Info Stream for termination while allowing others in similar businesses to continue to advertise." The company considers the websites it operates as online dating sites and sees the satellite radio company's decision as "pretextual," making the suggestion that Sirius XM cut ties "in order to garner favor from Sirius' Preferred Customers, who would be more apt to pay increased broadcasting fees if they did not have to share the airwaves with Info Stream." In reaction, Sirius XM looks to use California's SLAPP statute to kill a suit it argues is premised on its First Amendment activity.

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